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The Petit Manoir du Casino is offering you new packages to enjoy this newly built area: spa, sauna, hammam and a waterfall fueled by a 22-feet high natural source of water. With its enchanting decor like the Rockies, the relaxing sound of the water flowing and massages, it is the perfect place to chill out! And don't forget that we're offering a free acces to the Spa O'Quartz to all of our customers!

More details about this new spa and the services offered. 

A Day at the Spa O'Quartz

This package includes:

Access to the relaxation center in microcliamt and Spa O'Quartz sauna
Membership card entitling to free admission, gifts, annual access to the Petit Manoir du Casino's gym section hotel and a 10% discount on room or night rental,

* Accessible to 16 years and over only. / beach sandals are mandatory /Bath robe & towel on site

30$ by person plus tax ; Full day  /   20$ by person plus tax: half day

For lovers of confort and relaxation, this brand new package is yours. With its panoramic view of the St. Lawrence River and its enchanting scenery, a tropical climate, relaxing music ... You will be seduced by the feeling of well-being that comes with a visit to the O'quartz Spa at the Petit Manoir du Casino!


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per person, non resident at the hotel
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