Services & Sanitary standards


The Petit Manoir du Casino Hôtel-Pavillons - Spa offers its guests the best possible experience. We provide you with a wide range of services, from catering to massage therapy and including facilities such as aquatic sites, relaxation and exercise rooms. Consult the list of services for details and conditions of use.

Sanitary standards

What we do for you:

Installations of ’Purel Stations’ ’ on each floor and strategic points
All rooms verified - with respect of the sanitary standards
Ground observation distance reminders
Contactless payments / ‘’ Plexiglass ’’ at the reception counter
Bottles of disinfectant-cleaning product in the rooms
Beauty products available at reception, as needed
Delivery of meals to the room on request
Creation of family or duo packages
Clear display of health standards procedures

QR code validation at arrival / bracelet identification for spa customers


What you will do for us:

Wearting a mask in all our public areas

Wash your hands regularly
Respect the distance - 2 meters
Cough or sneeze into your elbow
Avoid grouping
Respect the allocation of tables in the restaurant (one in two or three)
Before leaving, put all your waste in the trash cans and tie the bag
Accept that there is no daily maintenance service, but supplies in rooms planned for the duration of the stay
Call the reception to have more amenities items delivered to the room or to pcik them up at the front desk.

Thank you to help each other to stay safe!


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